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About Jade

About Jade

I have been interested in everything related to the body, healing, and traditional medicine since I was young. I was first introduced to bodywork by my Malaysian Grandmother who regularly offered me massages and asked to receive them in return. She shared simple techniques with me on how to listen with my hands and also taught me the profoundly healing practice of a cup of tea and a chat. Inspired by these early experiences I trained in Shiatsu in the UK and traditional Thai massage in Thailand throughout my teens and early twenties. I completed several yoga teacher trainings, studying with the School of Sacred Arts, Paul and Suzee Grilley, Angela Farmer, and Viktor Van Kooten . I practiced a diverse range of movement styles from Chi Kung to aerial and circus arts, acrobalance, Feldenkrais and somatics, ecstatic dance and yoga, and as I journeyed I refined and simplified the essence of my movement work and developed my own practice and teacher training. I created Somatic Yin, a blend of yin yoga, mindful self enquiry and somatic movement which was developed specifically for curious movers and bodyworkers, it focusses on slow felt sense explorations of our anatomy and presence with our state of being and becoming. The arc of my work in both touch and movement continues to deepen and decelerate, incorporating meditation and mindfulness and enriching my understanding of the subtle phenomena of nervous system regulation by incorporating practices to acknowledge and rehabilitate from trauma. 

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy (BCST) naturally encompasses all of these aspects for me, a gentle form of bodywork focused on relational listening through touch and the regulation of the deep currents of life that inform our health, emanating from the fluid fluctuations of the central nervous system. Receiving the work was pivotal in my own personal healing. I studied with Body Intelligence and graduated in 2015. I find that both receiving and practicing BCST meets my needs for authentic, gentle connection and I appreciate both the depth of grounded anatomical understanding it requires, as well as the inclusion of whole person dynamics - psycho-emotional, spiritual and energetic - and the gateway the work offers for us to encounter the glorious mystery of life. In 2020 after being a support assistant on craniosacral trainings for five years I stepped into a role as a senior tutor. I take on this role with respect and delight. I have a passion for learning and educating and whether I'm teaching movement, stillness or touch I bring an enormous amount of enthusiasm and curiosity to my work, alongside the pillars of sensitivity, safety and inclusivity in our explorations. I recognise that the journey of learning, much like the journey of living is one that is deeply personal, profound and holds within it the opportunities not only for self realisation but also for play, an arena where we can explore our human connection and nurture vulnerability, openness and also become agents for massive societal change and healing. Great waves are formed from gentle ripples. I'm consistently inspired by the wisdom that emerges from sacred witnessing and relational healing and the phenomena of dynamic stillness. 

As a lifelong learner my studies in BCST continued with Franklyn and Cherionna Sills at the Karuna Institute and with other postgraduate courses on working with trauma, understanding embryology more deeply with Jaap Ven Der Wal and delving into the world of Core Process with Maura Sills. I'm also a Feldenkrais practitioner and a somatic counsellor in training. I have worked in osteopathic clinics in Dubai, ran a private practice and worked in detox and rehabilitation centres in Thailand and have consulted at destination spas around Europe and Asia.  

I now have a practice to Suffolk in the UK. I'm an avid amateur potter and weaver, I love to celebrate the seasons and forage for wild food and participate in women’s mysteries, ceremonial circles and drumming. I am a feminist and a passionate advocate for equal rights for people of LGBTQA+ and fair representation and inclusion for people of BAME communities. My greatest passion is to be in the crucible of learning, to share, experience and understand more about our connections to our bodies, the land, our minds and hearts and assist in guiding transformational experiences relating to self and health. 


I am currently available at two locations: The Bury Natural Health Centre, Eagle House, Sudbury Road, Gt Whelnetham, Bury Saint Edmunds, IP30 0UN 01284 760020 and also: