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What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

BCST is a gentle hands-on therapy that you receive fully clothed, without any oil, kneading or pressure whilst resting in a comfortable position on a massage table. It has its roots in Cranial Osteopathy and works with the fluctuations of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that bathes the central nervous system and gives rise to our overall state of health and wellbeing. It is often a very relaxing therapy to receive and receivers report a range of feelings from tingling and warmth, to easing of systemic tension and access to easier breathing and sensations of relaxation accompanied by a sense of ‘being back in their body’.

The touch helps to reconnect you with your embodied sense of self and facilitates the release of trapped forces - sometimes letting go of tension you didn't even know you were holding on to. It can release patterns of experience held in the tissues from events as far back as birth or childhood or from traumas that could not be fully processed at the time. It is a Somatic therapy (Soma means ‘of the body’ - specifically perceived from within) and also a relational field therapy that takes into account your whole self, interpersonal, physical, spiritual and psycho-emotional. Think of it like a hands-on guided meditation focussed on clarifying your relationship to sensations and feelings in your body with the added support of therapeutic touch and sacred witness.

I will make light contact and gently support you, often cradling your head (the Cranium) or resting my hand under the base of your spine (the Sacrum) this is where the therapy gets its name from. I will also work with any other appropriate part of your body that needs support. The contact is very specific yet multidimensional. I touch with an emphasis on listening rather than adjusting, taking into account the structure and organisation of the bones and tone of your connective tissues (the Fascia) which can have huge effects on postural alignment and physical comfort. I lister to the quality and expression of your organs and can detect blockages that may be present. I also pay attention to the way that your fluids (blood, lymph and CSF) are circulating and hep to augment their natural flow. I'll often chat with you whilst we work together, enquiring how you're experiencing yourself and what you may be noticing about certain areas, this is to help foster a connection between you and your felt sense which can greatly improve your relationship to your body.

Receiving BCST can help to treat a broad spectrum of conditions including muscular or joint pain, postural misalignment, post-operative rehabilitation,jaw pain (TMJ disorder), tinnitus, inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, digestive and autoimmune disorders, migranes, sleep disturbance and emotional imbalances, anxiety and stress. It is totally safe, fully centred in your comfort and consent and entirely non-invasive. It is well-known for its amazing effect on mothers and babies pre and postpartum and can help with settling sleep disturbance, feeding, latching, digesting and head formation. Because the therapy works by bringing you back into relationship with your body it can also improves issues with self-image and resilience. It naturally supports your system to self-regulate by recognising your original blueprint for health.

My promise as a therapist is to honour you as an individual, to respect your boundaries and to offer you tools for self-reliance, to remind you that you are capable and promise to hold your story in strict confidence. I will offer you support on your healing journey and in collaboration with you, make the hard stuff easier to manage.


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