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Abdominal Chi Massage

Abdominal Chi Massage

This specialist treatment works with your essential reserves of energy held in your belly (or Hara) and brings in Jade’s skills of Craniosacral Therapy combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine and her extensive understanding of internal anatomy blended into a very gentle yet deep massage with warm coconut oil. This is a nurturing and very personal experience - receiving abdominal massage can encourage proper peristalsis of the gut, improve muscular tone, respiratory and hormonal function, aid in organ detoxification, improve elimination and also help to release trapped emotions. As this is an area rarely given proper attention it is recommended to take a few sessions to receive the full benefits and to do this at a pace that fully supports your process.

The benefits of receiving multiple treatments of abdominal massage over the course of 6-12 weeks are far greater, especially for chronic conditions. 

Single session 60 mins - £70.00

A special package of 3 sessions is offered for £180.00 

* It is essential to receive belly massage on an empty stomach, please do not eat for a minimum of 3 hours before the treatment. Not recommended during menstruation. 

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