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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

This hands-on treatment helps to support your whole body with gentle touch to reduce stress and tension and promote healing from within. It is a truly holistic therapy that takes into account your whole self, anatomically precise to help rebalance your neurological and neuromuscular health whilst also honouring your state of your mind, emotions and energy. You will be fully clothed for the session and unlike massage there is no oil or kneading. Jade will make contact by holding your feet, head, touching along your spine, around your shoulders and hips - anywhere that you are needing support - and assist you and your body to reconnect. This is done in two ways - her specific touch and in-depth understanding of neuromuscular anatomy helps trigger a healing response on a deep nervous system level, this is called co-regulation. And alongside that her verbal guidance encourages you to dialogue with her, refining your felt sense and giving you more clarity in your body sensations. The therapy can allow for the release of systemic tension, sometimes chronic states of holding that have been there for some time but unable to release. When these dissipate there can be a welcome return to an overall sense of ease and safety, calm and centeredness which is part of the journey into bodily awareness and the most natural way to reconnect to your reserves of health. 

Your first session with Jade includes an important 15 minute consultation where she will take note of your medical history and you can get to know one another. We can speak about what you are seeking treatment for, how you're currently feeling and managing your condition, what is important for you, your symptomatology, any medical interventions you may have had and build up the necessary trust and rapport.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can help to treat a broad spectrum of conditions including:


• muscular or joint pain 

• postural misalignment 

• anxiety, depression and stress 

• post-operative rehab and injury recovery 

• jaw pain, TMJ disorder and teeth grinding 

• inflammation - arthritis, Chrons, sinusitis… 

• digestive disorders 

• headaches and migraines 

• sleep disturbance 

• emotional balance and body image 

First session and consultation 75 mins - £85.00

Follow-up session 60 mins - £70.00

Follow-up session 90 mins - £85.00

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