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Craniosacral for Mum and Baby

Craniosacral for Mum and Baby

A gentle way to help you and your baby connect through supported touch and assist in bringing into balance the first few hurdles in life that little one might face.

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is fantastic to receive as it is an incredibly gentle treatment that allows for both of you to both relax and receive some quality attention. Babies absolutely love this work and it can help with all kinds of first time struggles including:

  • latching, feeding, tongue tie and colic
  • disturbed sleep or consistent crying
  • attachment issues
  • complications from birth
  • head and jaw tilt
  • hip dysplasia
  • head formation (coning or flattening)
  • general restlessness and ‘fussiness’

The reason why this therapy works so well is that it helps to settle both of your nervous systems after the event of birth. It works with the softer developing bones of the head to allow for the right arrangement. It also addresses intestinal as well as skeletal positioning. It helps to release tension wound up in the connective tissue. It can quickly and easily correct subtle restrictions within your baby’s system that allow them to experience happier feeding, sleeping and cuddles with you.

Jade provides a safe space to work with you both together, BCST is essentially a relational field therapy and the two of you are very much a part of each other's systems. Sometimes Jade will work with hands on you, sometimes with baby and sometimes with you both together. It might be that your baby is active, asleep or even nursing for the session - everything is possible. It's a treatment that allows you to be in your natural state together.

The first session is for us to get acquainted, for you to share what your pregnancy and birth journey was like - which in itself can be deeply resolving and can help to discharge held stress or anxiety -and to have first contact and assessment. Follow up sessions are recommended on a weekly basis until any issues have been resolved.

If you would like to contact me first to see if this work would be a good fit for you and your little one please feel free to contact me. 


First session and consultation 45 mins - £60.00

Follow-up session 30 mins - £45.00

Home visits are available within a local radius at an extra charge - please feel free to enquire

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